6 Reasons why you need flame retardant clothing from PPG

Not everything is about style. But at PPG Workwear we make an exception. Take flame retardant clothing, for instance. It needs to be bright and it needs to be practical, and what’s to say it can’t be stylish as well?

PPG Workwear has a complete range of flame retardant clothing all of which is available in various sizes, colours and materials. Our products are all compliant to British safety standards and offer suitability to an array of needs and requirements. Find out why you need flame retardant clothing from PPG Workwear:

Be safe.

Whether you work indoors or outdoors, you need to be protected from flames. It’s simple. If you choose not to wear suitable clothing, you’re putting your own life at risk. Here at PPG, we have flame retardant overalls that make it easy to work under extreme conditions. These are ideal for minimising the effects of injury. All of our products are hard wearing and provide extra comfort.

Be seen.

The brighter the better. If you work throughout the night, you’ll want to be visible. Otherwise, you’re compromising your own safety. Hence why we have flame retardant trousers and fleeces available in various colours. So you needn’t worry about being seen from a distance. Our flame retardant fleeces are anti-static and can resist extremely high temperatures.

Be Practical.

When it comes to working in a hazardous environment, it’s essential you’re safe and wearing appropriate clothing. All the products we supply at PPG Workwear have been made to last. So you needn’t worry about generating the best value for money. In order to complete a job, you need to have the ability to move with ease and not be confined to a small area. Our Flame retardant jackets are available in fluorescent orange and yellow and can be either long sleeved or short sleeved.

flame retardent jacket

Keep heat out.

The purpose of flame retardant clothing is to prevent the occurrence of burns. If you work in a hazardous environment, using hazardous equipment, you’ll want to be able to work effectively. With PPG Workwear, a flame retardant bib or brace is an alternative to the flame retardant overalls that we provide. Here at PPG, we understand your need to work comfortably, however, you need to be protected from high temperatures at the same time.


As the saying goes: less is more. PPG Workwear has an extensive range of flame retardant clothing which keeps the designs to a minimum. Always ensuring that they offer practicality and don’t cause too much of a distraction. Our products are available in fluorescent colours and are bold and bright. And with our embroidery and printing services We ensure your flame retardant workwear can be branded up with your company logo.


Here at PPG Workwear, you’re in safe hands. As with all of our flame retardant products, you’re visibly recognisable and in the event of a fire. Consequently  burns will be less severe if you wear flame retardant clothing!

PPG Workwear provide rapid delivery to all areas in the UK, so order your flame retardant clothing today!

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