Construction Workwear

Construction Workwear Types 

Construction workwear can mean many things, because so many different trades, skill sets and individuals are involved in construction. You have the architects, civil engineers, surveyors, IT support, office’s staff and  construction project managers. 

None of these will physically get involved in the actual building of a structure, however, when they do a site survey they will all wear one common item of clothing.  That would be the hi vis safety vest they would need on site and a safety helmet.

Direct Involvement Of The Construction 

Bricklayer Safety Workwear

Usually the bigger the site the more safety rules come into play for the bricklayer but there are some basic standards. 

Best Work Boots

Obviously this is none negotiable on building sites because falling bricks, lintels can quite easily break those delicate bones in your feet. The most popular selling safety boots we have are, the Hoggs of Fife work boots, and the JCB safety boots.

Hoggs of Fife Thor Safety Rigger Boot Crazy Horse Brown Colour

The other option for bricklayer safety is a pair of rigger boots. The best selling being the Hoggs Thor rigger boots. Made from Full Grain Crazy Horse Leather and with a waterproof, breathable membrane. 

Hi Vis Clothing 

Depending on the size of the construction site will depend on the hi vs requirements. Small house builds will probably just require just a hi vis vest, however, larger comercial construction projects will require hi vis at all times. Weather dependent in the UK climate the best choice for the spring, summer months would be the selection of hi vis polo shirts

For the colder months of the year the bricklayer would need a warmer hi vis solution. Our range of Hi Vis sweatshirts would be an excellent choice. The Portwest Hi Vis orange sweatshirt is excellent value for money, bulk buys also ensure further discounts to this £15 Hi Vis sweatshirt. Is there a difference, yellow vs orange hi vis.

Portwest Hi Vis Orange Colour Sweatshirt B303

Bricklayers Hard Safety Hats

Again this will come down to the size of the project and your employers guidelines. Some builds will require hard safety hats whilst on site at all times. A hard hat is generally worn on larger construction sites where multiple trades are working.

Yes it does take some time to get used to the head clearance wearing a safety hat, But don’t a few bangs on the scaffold frames convince you to take it off. It is provided for your personal protection.

Bricklayer Gloves & Glasses 

Gloves and glasses will not be probably required at times. however, there are times that you may need the additional construction safety workwear. Safety eyewear would be needed when cutting bricks or any construction materials to length. 

Portwest Wrap Around Safety Spectacle PW32 Clear Black Colour

Also having a good pair of high grip gloves always comes in handy as well. Saves the hands from cuts and abrasions from any sharp or jagged edges.

Portwest Flexo Grip Nitrile Glove A310 Grey and White Colour Back View

Electrical trades and installation Workwear

Electricians are involved in first fit installations. This is required to get the main electrical cabling in between the brickwork and the finished exterior of the building. On the first fit construction work will still be ongoing around them so it is important they are visible. 

Electricians Hi Vis vest need a little added safety, flame retardant hi vis vests are ideal. Even better are anti static and flame retardant hi vis vest.Hi vis vests have different FR ratings so ensure that it conforms to the standard of the environment you are working in. The vest must be worn over FR garments of at least index 2 to offer flame retardant protection.

Electricians Flame Retardant Shirts 

To ensure that your FR Hi Vis vest still offers your that protection electricians ideal needs a good fire retardant polo shirt. There is also the option of just having a hi vis anti static flame retardant polo shirt. The preference s purely a personal option 2 have the all one or 2 separate pieces of workwear. 

Portwest Flame Retardant Hi Vis Anti-Static Polo Shirt FR74 Yellow and Navy Blue Colour

The Best Electricians Work Trousers 

Our best selling range are Orn work trousers that give you plenty of options, from knee pads, lots of pockets to store tools. Another option is the Portwest DX4 Holster Trouser was they make great work trousers for electricians.

PPG Workwear Portwest DX4 Detachable Holster Pocket Trousers DX440 Grey Colour

Electricians Workwear

They ergonomically designed and uses the targeted placement of dynamic 4X stretch fabrics to give maximum range of movement when working. The trouser features a high-rise back waistband with side elastication, ensuring protection in all working positions. Pre-bent top loading adjustable knee pad pockets, generously sized front pockets and multi-functional zip thigh pockets offers secure storage of phone, pens and tools. Triple stitching throughout for maximum durability. Read our best work trouser guide. 

Electricians Safety Footwear 

Perhaps the electricians don’t need quite as much protection as the bricklayers, but they still need steel toecap protection. A popular choice are the JCB work boots, the Caterpillar range available colours are,  Holton black, brown and honey. 

work boots JCB honey

The Caterpillar safety work boots are designed to be heat resistant up to 300c. A timeless fashion boot with the rugged casual look.

Head Protection for Electricians 

Perhaps not needed for the second fit for electricians, the first fit may still have some head hazards around. The best light weight protection would be the bump camp

bump hat

Designed to protect against bumps and scrape and ideal to use when helmets are not required Our full range of head protection PPE.

best work trousers for carpenters