Portwest Workwear Clothing

Portwest Workwear. When it comes to the weather, the right workwear is important for your employees. This can often change throughout the seasons. Providing your staff with the right level of comfort when it comes to clothing is important to help maintain workplace productivity and happiness all around. 

Portwest workwear clothing gives you high-quality uniforms available in a wide range of sizes. There’s something available for every season whether it’s wrapping up warm in the winter. Or keeping cool in the summer sun. Here is a selection of products that we have on offer to make sure your employees are comfortable. But always looking professional wherever they may be.

Portwest Jackets

Outerwear is certainly a lifesaver when working outdoors during the winter. There’s nothing worse than trying to go about your business in blistering winds and torrential rain. Our portwest jackets offer a range of materials to suit all conditions. From fleece-lined and breathable fabric jackets to 3-in-1 bomber jackets. These are a versatile choice for spring. During this time of the year, the weather can dip and rise in temperature. Therefore having something that consists of detachable layers is certainly useful. The 3-in-1 bomber jacket provides excellent protection against wind and rain too.

Portwest Workwear Clothing PPG Workwear
Portwest Sealtex

Fleeces are a suitable alternative as it gets slightly milder. However still warrants some form of outerwear for those crisp mornings. Whether you go for something plain and simple or you personalise it with your own branding. These fleeces are stylish but also less fussy to put on and remove. Portwest waterproof overalls

Portwest Trousers

Trousers that are built to last are something that can often be hard to find. However with Portwest trousers, they’re made of high-quality materials that stand the test of time. Furthermore whatever profession you’re in. There’s a range of combat trousers available with multi-storage compartments. Consequently these are a great feature for those who normally carry a toolkit around with them. With more simple trouser available, there’s a style and colour to suit everyone. Portwest trousers also have an elasticated waistband for long lasting wear.

Portwest Workwear Clothing PPG Workwear
Portwest Trousers

Safety Work Boots Portwest

Boots and footwear, in general, are always the first pieces of clothing that get worn down. Thats because we get so much use out of them on a daily basis. Portwest safety work boots are manufactured from high-quality materials. With extra grip and support for those who’re in a job that requires being on your feet a lot. Protective footwear, especially when working around a building site or with machinery, is crucial to keeping feet protected. They’re designed to be lightweight, providing your staff with a comfortable fit.

PPG Workwear has a great range of work clothing and accessories to kit your staff out all year round. So why not check out the rest of brands on offer. Including the personal protection equipment, chef and healthcare uniforms. 

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Hi-Visibility. Portwest Workwear

Make sure that your colleagues can easily spot you, especially if you work when there’s poor visibility! The Portwest Workwear supplied by PPG offers superior quality- providing you with a practical solution. Furthermore that’s also elegant and comfortable; what more could you want?

With 100 years of experience, Portwest know what they’re doing in terms of manufacturing protective clothing. Hence why we have an extensive stock of the brand here at PPG. All of our hi-visibility products are made to offer professionalism, so if you can’t find exactly what you had in mind, we can help!

Portwest Flame resistance.

For those who are looking for workwear that’s ideal for environments that generate extreme temperatures. The flame resistant workwear we have available within our Portwest clothing collection is for you. As the leading supplier of protective clothing, Portwest can provide you with the safest protective clothing, allowing you to keep safe within the workplace.

The Portwest Bizweld Iona Flame Retardant Coveralls are multifunctional. Ensuring you feel safe and stylish without ruining your clothes. The coveralls we provide are the perfect solution to keeping you clean when you work in extreme conditions.

We also stock a large range of Portwest Chef Trousers and Portwest rigger gloves