A Guide to choosing Waterproof Workwear

Preparing for the winter needn’t be difficult, not with PPG Waterproof  Workwear. If you’re looking for workwear that’s reliable and highly effective. Check out our extensive range of products, all available in a selection of styles and sizes!

Here at PPG Workwear, we understand that the weather in the UK is unpredictable at the best of times. So why not consider our waterproof clothing essentials. We are confident they’ll make a stylish practical solution for your work environment. We also have waterproof apron.

Waterproof work jacket.

Whether it’s one of our Elka Cleaning raincoats or Elka Fishing Xtreme jackets.  You’ll find something suitable from our collection of waterproof workwear. The Elka Unlimited waterproof workwear raincoat is designed to be hardwearing. Furthermore It is perfect if you’re looking to keep your workwear clean and dry.

We supply the Elka waterproof workwear jackets in an assortment of colours, styles and sizes. We have a large range of sizes in stock. So if you need any help or advice please do give us a cal. We have years experience supplying workwear to many trades. 

Waterproof workwear trousers.

Why just get a waterproof workwear jacket and keep just your top half dry. Our waterproof work trousers are perfect for keeping your legs warm and dry when the weather is against you!

The design of the trousers from our Elka Offshore collection is practical. Furthermore not only are they ideal for winter conditions, they provide you with a more professional look and feel. You may need Hi Vis waterproof work trousers.

The Elka Offshore trousers are perfect if you’re looking for clothing that offers high tear strength and elasticity.

Waterproof Bib & Brace.

PPG Workwear is your go-to provider of waterproof workwear that lasts. We are specialists in the supply of high-quality workwear. Can you afford not to acquire yours today?

bib & brace By Elka fishing extreme

  • Waterproof bib/brace with adjustable braces
  • Welded seams
  • Remains flexible in cold temperatures
  • Oil resistant
  • Inside chest pocket
  • Hard wearing 600gm PVC/Polyester fabric
  • Worldwide shipping available on Elka products


Don’t let the weather affect your work efficiency. Choose a Gore-Tex jacket from our complete selection today. We provide an array of sizes 

Here at PPG Workwear, we have a practical solution for all weathers.  Gore-Tex waterproof workwear, you can rest assured that you’ll remain dry and warm throughout the day.

waterproof jacket Gore Tex

As well as the waterproof jackets, we also supply the Gore-Tex Hi-Vis trousers. Along with the Salopettes available in. Either fluorescent yellow or orange and incorporates reflective bands.

gore tex logo

The History Of Gore Tex 

Gore-Tex was co-invented by Wilbert L. Gore and Gore’s son, Robert W. Gore.[1] In 1969, Bob Gore stretched heated rods of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and created expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). His discovery of the right conditions for stretching PTFE was a happy accident, born partly of frustration. Instead of slowly stretching the heated material, he applied a sudden, accelerating yank. The solid PTFE unexpectedly stretched about 800%, forming a microporous structure that was about 70% air.[1] It was introduced to the public under the trademark Gore-Tex. Source Wikipedia 

  1. Gore Tex Work Jackets 
  2. Gore Tex Hi Vis Jackets 
  3. Hi Vis Gore Tex
  4. Gore Tex Workwear 

Let PPG Workwear help you to update your workwear wardrobe today!


Looking for Freezer Coats !

Portwest Workwear Extreme Clothing For Extreme Conditions

FlexoThane Waterproofs

Flexothane® is a technical fabric that offers you excellent protection. The polyurethane coating on a stretchable knitted base makes Flexothane® water and windproof, comfortable, noiseless, 150% stretchable, supple, highly tear resistant and machine washable.

Machine washable

Flexothane® is highly resistant to several types of oil derivates, fuel, diesel, grease,. The smooth PU coated surface can be very easily wiped clean. Our different Flexothane® fabrics are machine washable. Flexothane® Kleen is washable at 95°C, without losing its original shape. With Flexothane® you don’t have to worry about getting dirty.

Flexothane Technology

Once you put on a Flexothane coat you will realise just how high and airy the material is. Designed to be 100% waterproof but also breathable. But that’s not all with the tight knit of the material it will also keep out the chilly winds.

Flexothane is made by Sioen and is the ultimate waterproof clothing

Flexothane, Sealtex Or Goretex Which Is The Best 


It always depends on the task at hand in the first instance. Our range of flexothane waterproofs is breathable and completely waterproof but does come in a limited colour scheme. At this time the only colour is green so this would not be suitable for high risk areas. 

Our Flexithane range comes in a Flexotthane bib and brace, Flexothane classic waterproof jacket and flexothane classic waterproof trousers 

PPG Workwear Flexothane Classic Waterproof Trousers 4500 Olive Green ColourFlexothane Classic Waterproof Jacket 4820 Olive Green ColourPPG Workwear Flexothane Classic Waterproof Bib/Brace 4600 Olive Green Colour


Goretex is a much more comercial used material for workwear. The advantage of  Goretex is the vivid high visibility colours that the products come in.