Should Your Employees Be Wearing Branded Workwear?

There’s always one bit of advice that is given to businesses within every industry when they are looking to grow: push branding and identity. This can obviously be done in a number of different ways. A new logo; branded materials; speciality items and services.

These are all ways to increase brand identity. But what about embroidered workwear that is branded? We consider the benefits behind buying embroidered shirts for business to boost your branding efforts.

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Make the Perfect First Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression. When trying to woo a prospective client. The first thing someone will see is your workforce’s appearance. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but your visitors will make quick judgements about you and your business.

If your staff are in a professional-looking uniform, then you’ll show that you’re a polished operation that should be taken seriously. The better-dressed staff are, the more approachable they’ll be for clients. Or visitors who want to speak to them.

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Casual Or Branded Workwear

Casual dress codes are usually pretty relaxed, giving employees the license to wear whatever they want. Everyone’s style is different, but a uniform makes sure that no one’s wearing anything that could be seen as inappropriate or unprofessional.

First of all, embroidered work wear can help customers put a face to your brand. One of the key reasons branding exists is it’s a way of making your business stand out from competitors and to create a sense of familiarity with customers. If your workers are on a shop floor, then they are the ones responsible for being the ‘faces’ of your business.  Get them to perform well, customers are likely to come back. If they don’t, they’ll be less likely to come back.

Customer Service Keep Your Brand Alive & Postive 

This effect is even more pronounced when a person is wearing embroidered uniform shirts as a customer will associate your business with your service. So while it’s possible for someone to be put off by bad service. Therefore branded shirts can also help that person recall the good service at your business.

When people have a good customer service experience in a shop, they will often say ‘I liked the staff in there’, but what you really want them to say is ‘I liked the service in there’ or ‘I like it in there’. So branded uniforms can help drive this perception that it’s not just the staff that are nice, but your whole business. You want customers to be loyal to your brand, not just loyal to your staff.


Branded uniforms are also good at helping customers identify staff members. There’s nothing worse when someone wants to ask a question about an item for sale and they can’t work out who to ask.

Embroidered work shirts clearly identifies your staff to customers and increases chances of making sales. But what about businesses whose employees work in a non-sales floor environments? Can they benefit from buying embroidered shirts for business? Absolutely. Creating a sense of identity within a workforce is also very important. Flame Retardant Clothing 

Putting On A Show 

When someone puts on a uniform, they begin to embody what that uniform means. When a staff members puts on a uniform at the beginning of their shift, it’s a reminder that they are in work-mode. Not only that, but uniforms can act as a great equaliser across a workforce.

Workers, supervisors and even managers can be outfitted with the same branded shirts to create a collaborative workforce identity. In other words, you’ll make your staff feel more like a team rather than different individuals within disparate roles. It makes workforces less hierarchically-driven and encourages those managers wearing the shirts to lead by example.

So, as you can see, embroidered uniforms can bring about great opportunities to increase your branding and identity – irrespective of the industry that your business is located within. Make sure to look for specialists who have a lot of experience with crafting embroidered shirts for business and branding purposes.

1. Everyone Looks the Same

Just because you think staff look smart and professional in a uniform, it doesn’t mean everyone else agrees. Some people love standing out and wearing unique clothing. You’ve now just told them they have to dress the same way as loads of other people so imagine how they might feel.

There’s a good chance they won’t be happy about this and will feel as though the uniform is bland compared to the normal clothes they’d wear. A good way to address this is to give staff the chance to vote on the uniform they’ll wear. Allowing them to have an input their favourite items gives them a boost as well. They feel part of the business and you need to get them on side psychological.

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Strengthens Employee Unity and Teamwork

Sports teams and school children wear a uniform because this creates unity. Companies with a dress code promote belonging within their employees. Both a uniform and dress code can make people see they belong in the workplace.

If employees assume they are working towards the same company goals. Then wearing a unified look, they will be more aligned with company values.

A Smarter Look for Your Team

A dress code does not always mean you need a uniform. Depending on your industry, considering a uniform is a way for your employees to appear smarter and match your company brand. Even if you do not choose the uniform route, establishing what your staff should and should not wear is a good idea.

In the policy you create, you should outline the looks you would prefer your staff to wear. Many offices suggest that a ‘business casual’ appearance is best. Shirts or Polos Shirts. But not T-Shirts. Trousers or Skirts, but not Jeans or Shorts.

Even with a vague clothing policy, it is important to be specific about what this comprises. Give your employees a realistic idea of what they should wear to appear smart.

 Safety First

High-visibility jackets and safety gloves are just some of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) items that you’ll need to provide for staff. Making them a part of the uniform ensures they’re wearing the right clothing to stay safe at work.

Despite the fact that PPE will literally stop them from getting injured. It can still be a pain trying to get staff to wear what they’re supposed to. Make it a part of the uniform and order PPE that’s comfortable and stylish, and you’ll find that they wear it more often than before.

Prioritises Safety

Certain industries require PPE and protective clothing to be worn.  However  a uniform policy can establish a safe dress sense. Even if specialised clothing or equipment is not necessary.

For example, in the hospitality industry, safe dress may include an embroidered waist apron with a name tag or fob. This helps to determine which doors and buildings employees have access to.

In door security work, a formal dress code can help determine staff from the clientele, making it easier (and safer) for everyone. You don’t want to make mistakes in this instance 

Outline your uniform policy to highlight safety issues your employees may not consider. Make it clear that it does actually benefit your staff, it is for them.

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