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Comfy Work Boots For Men (2020)

When you have a 8 hour shift in front of you, you need something comfy on your feet. Cheap imitation work boots just don’t cut it anymore. After all its a false economy as the cheap ones don’t last that long anyway. You actually spend even more buying cheap and imitations.


What you need to buy is quality work boots for men. A good trusted brand, something that has been developed for the purposes in hand. After all you only get one pair of feet so look after them with a pair of quality work boots.


Our Full Range Of Safety Boots


Safety Standards Of Work Boots For Men


Steel toecap working boots need to conform to the EN345 standard. What does the EN345 standard actually mean. The EN345 (200 joules) means that the workbook should withstand the impact of 20kg in weight falling on to the toes from a height of 10.2 metres.


This standard also relates to compression protection corresponding to approximately 1.5 tonnes resting on the toe area. Wearing appropriate protection when working in foundries or when welding is essential, but ensure that you have the correct product for your particular environment and work.


Common Safety Abbreviations For Work boots


comfy work boots for men 2019 safety symbols


This reference chart makes it simpler to identify exactly what the work boot protects you from. It is surprising how much risk you expose yourself to in your average working day. Pick the correct work boot and simply reduced the risk to yourself.


work boots safety guide


A full guide to the HSE GOV


Genuine Work Boots For Men


Work boots are big business and once any product starts to make money the counterfeiters come in. However in this instance counterfeiting work boots could effect someone health or even life. Copying a Rolex watch is not going to kill someone.


If your mens steel toe cap boots are not up to the EN345 standard what could happen. If something was to fall on your foot it could actually chop off your toes. Or it could break every single bone in your foot. Is it worth saving a few quid for the chance that you could lose some body parts. By the Genuine Article.


How To Identify The Genuine Caterpillar Boot


First of all check the box


ensure its sturdy Caterpillar branded box. They don’t even skimp on the box so it should feel tough and have some weight to itself. Of course that does not ensure that the boot is genuine.


scammers have been know to buy empty genuine caterpillar work boot boxes. Then they just place their fake cheap work boots in there. Yes they try to sell them as the real deal. Remember if the discount is to good to be true, then there is a reason why


Check The Reatil Label on The box



Caterpillar retail boxes feature a white label on one end detailing size, style & colour. Check that these details match the details of the actual boot. Exact label design will vary according to country of manufacture.


Check The Outsole Logo



The Caterpillar log should be along side the registered trade mark (R). Also ensure the the finish is clean around the logo and that the colour is also vibrant.


Check The Inside label


Check the label inside the tongue, all Caterpillar mens work boots have it. The logo should have “Licensed Merchandise” this is the CAT logo. The details on the label should match exactly what’s on the box and the boot.


Tongue label on mens work boots caterpillar


check the upper logo


A Caterpillar logo should be on the side of the upper part of the boot. Either the machine and/or the word. The machine logo should be clear and crips. Ensure there are no errors and the lines are clean. Furthermore the registered trademark (R) should be present.


steel toe cap caterpillar mens work boots


check the STITCHING quality


The stitching should be of quality, very straight and even spaced on genuine Caterpillar work boots


Genuine Caterpillar Stitching


Check the lace and eylets


The eyelets should have Caterpillar stamped on them. Again ensure the stamping is of a good finish. The two upper (2 either side) eyelets should have the word CAT stamped on there.


Comfy Work Boots


The common work boot is no longer just a work boot. They have now crossed over into a fashion statement for men. Work boots have become trendy and everyone wants to be seen in them. Some people like them to be pristine just out of the box look.


In contrast others like them to be worn, scuffed and a little dirty. They prefer the lived in work look for their work boots. What will your mens work boots look be today.


The Original Caterpillar Work Boot


One of the original mens work boots and a leader in safety standards. Very comfortable to ware and also waterproof upper. The sole’s are rubber and heat resistant to 300C. You will be lucky to find a better boot in the market today. Caterpillar work boots



Hoggs Boots of Fife


Fife Country have been supplying quality shoes and boots to country professionals and enthusiasts for over 130 years. Offering a range of products from British handmade shoes and boots. These are comfortable and made of quality materials.


They are about to launch a new range soon so you can pick up some of last season at a bargain price. These are never knowingly undersold. Hoggs work boots



JCB Mens Work Boots


Another great brand of quality, safety and very very comfortable work boot. JCB work boots have never comprised. Steel toe cap and midsole with water resistant uppers.



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