Chainsaw Protective Clothing

Our chainsaw protective clothing is perfect for prioritising safety and preventing the risk of injuries. The chainsaw clothing is ideal for providing extra comfort and is tailored to suit your specific needs and wants.

PPG Workwear supply the chainsaw trousers to provide you with added comfort and style. The chainsaw trousers are available in sizes from S to 3XL so don’t hesitate to find a pair that fits you perfectly! As well as comfort and style, our chainsaw trousers are ideal for their safety purpose- they allow you to work safely and effectively.

The chainsaw clothing incorporates an elasticated waistband and has the ability to stretch, ensuring that you feel comfortable and less restricted. Within our chainsaw safety gear, you’ll find the most durable pieces of clothing and PPE, including chainsaw jackets, bib and braces and also the forestry combi kit!

When it comes to choosing chainsaw safety gear, you needn’t look any further than PPG Workwear- all of our products are priced affordably and are designed to provide you with easy mobility.

Why not find something suitable from our range of products below? 

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