Bib Aprons

Chef’s Aprons 

PPG Workwear provides a range of chef aprons. These are available in various styles, colours and sizes. We supply aprons to incorporate pockets, making it convenient for carrying essentials (such as cutlery and utensils).

Bib Aprons 

In addition to this, we have an extensive collection of aprons. Why not choose from the different styles of bib apron we supply? Our aprons are striped, checked, PVC or cotton. We’re confident something will suit your needs and requirements with regards to style!

Our plastic aprons are easy to clean and are extremely hygienic. Everyone in the kitchen should have an apron. It’s not only a  form of protective clothing. Consequently it is hygienic to wear your bib apron. We also supply waterproof aprons.

Hygienic Chefs Aprons 

Feel free to browse the range of aprons we have to offer at PPG Workwear. View our full range of Chefs Uniforms 

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