Chefs Jackets

Looking for a chef jacket? Here at PPG Workwear, we have a wide range of chef products available that are perfect for any kitchen environment.

We provide chef jackets for both men and women and supply unisex chef jackets. Although a white chef jackets is most common, we do in fact provide a range of black and white jackets to cater for your needs regarding style and colour.

Chefs Jackets 

As well as this, we have short and long sleeve chef jackets available, we cater for your personal preferences at PPG! Our chef jackets are sized generously to provide you with a comfortable fit, we supply jackets that are 100% cotton, helping you to keep cool in the kitchen, when facing extreme temperatures.

So, if you’re in the hospitality trade and you require a chef jacket- look no further than PPG! View our full range of Chefs Clothing 

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