Waist Aprons

Waitress Waist Aprons 

If you’re looking for a waist apron that’s protective and convenient, you can’t go wrong with one of our waitress aprons!

A waist apron  is ideal for waitressing and bar work, we have a selection of aprons . If you’re expected to carry money, you could benefit from one of our money pocket waitress aprons, they’re ideal for keeping money safe whilst you move from one table to the next.

Waitress Aprons Options 

All our waitress aprons come in a variety of colours and styles. Most styles have the options of length as well. Starting at Short, then medium to the long.

The next decision is do you wan the apron to have pockets or not. The do you want the pockets to be zipped 

Apron Safety 

Aprons with pockets can create security risk. Ensure that you manage those with pockets aprons well. We supply the aprons with an open pocket along with zipped pockets.

Waist Aprons Colours 

We have a choice of colours for you to choose from, including checkered aprons. These are stylish and practical, offering suitability if you work in a restaurant or bistro.

Chef’s Aprons 

We stock the classic chequered chefs apron. We sell chefs aprons in a classic long black. Especially nice if your head chef likes to visit the customers in the front of house. 

Waist Aprons Styles 

In stock we supply a large range of practical aprons. Now becoming more popular are the contrast denim was it aprons. PPG happy to sell premium waxed look was it apron.

A great option is our Chino apron that comes in Khaki, black, Navy and steel. (pocketed)

Don’t hesitate to find a waist apron that suits your needs today! Give us a call at PPG 01465 881188. Workwear suppliers.

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