Cold Store Clothing

Freezer Jackets 

Whether you’re looking for freezer jackets, coveralls or trousers. You’re bound to find something suitable from our extensive collection of cold store clothing!

Here at PPG Workwear, we have a wide range of sizes in the coldstore clothing. Starting from S right up to 4XL. As well as this, we also provide the cold store workwear in various brands. We stock  Insul8, Rock Fall  and Portwest.

Thermal Insulation

The cold store clothing that we supply is designed to offer thermal insulation- ensuring that you’re comfortable. All our jackets for cold stores incorporate the highest quality materials and offer the best value for money. You will need freezer trousers 

Freezer Coats

Our freezer coat is perfect for cold rooms and other extreme environments. They provide you with a cost-effective solution and are required for safety purposes. The cold store clothing is protective and is one of the most reliable types of safety workwear we supply.

Freezer Suits 

If just want the one piece protection for your staff then we have the solution. A complete one piece freezer suit. Available in various sizes to fit all. PPG, workwear suppliers.

Freezer Shoes 

Designed to keep those toes warm whilst working. Fully insulated thermal boots to keep you protected in the cold climate our the walk in freezer.

Browse our range of freezer jackets today!

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