Caps and hats provide protection for our heads be it in cold or warm weather. Here at PPG Workwear, we offer you a selection of headwear you can use for different seasons. We have a range of beanies, panel caps, cotton caps and even a line especially for children. Our cap and hat line offer products that look and feel great whether used for leisure or work.

PPG Workwear offers products from only the best brands in the market. Our 5 panel cap and hat range features items from brand names such as Result and Beechfield. Our headwear also comes in different styles and colours. Be it knitted headwear or cotton caps, we have those for you in our line.

Not only does PPG Workwear offer items for work, we also provide you with branding services. If you like to mark your items with a logo of your company, we can help you with that. We have a dedicated embroidery and printing service that will take care of branding for you. Also, we can give you a discount if you order in bulk or large quantities. We also supply Portwest Safety Helmets.