When winter is coming its time to grab that classic beanie hat and keep your head warm. Thought to have originated in the USA around the 1900. The term bean comes from the American slang for head. 

In the 1950’s they were worn by college freshmen as a form of hazing. The beanie hat also became very popular with blue collar workers who wore them not only to keep their head warm, but to keep their hair out of the way, and the hat had no brim to obstruct their work

Beanies Become Fashionable 

At the time, the beanie hat was not traditionally know to be a fashionable accessory, they were worn more so for necessity. But, with the fashion trends of the 1990’s, the beanie seem to gain more and more popularity. Normally worn by boys, more girls were seen wearing them

Then the logos on the beanies were introduced and suddenly the branded beanie become a fashion accessory. Whole brands were being built from the one product of a hat. Today not only is it to keep the head nice and warm but now the knitted beanie hat has become a must have fashion piece. 

Mens Beanies 

We sell the classic Beechfield knitted beanie in a range of colours. From the understated black to an outrageous fluorescent Orange beanie hat. Also available is our Results Thinsulate lined woolly ski hat. Perfect for when the weather drops a little , also scotchguard coated yarns.

Kids Beanie Hats 

For the kids we have the Results junior woolly ski hat. The soft feel acrylic knit and double thickness is bound to keep your cherished children warm and looking good.

Beanie Hats For Women 

Something for the ladies, we have the Beechfield Thinsulate beanie available in 8 different colours. A stylish and practical beanie for the ladies with a non ribbed turn up for decoration. We also have the Beechfield 2 tone beanie for the ladies.

Due to our large buying power at PPG Workwear we are able to supply some of the cheapest beanies on the Internet.

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