Hi Vis Polo Shirts

Hi Vis polo shirt from PPG Workwear are available in a range of sizes and colours including red, yellow, orange and blue, we also provide 2-tone variations of the safety polo shirts to suit your stylish needs. The collar of the Portwest Hi Vis polo shirts is a contrast to the rest of the shirt, making it more modern.

The Hi Vis polo shirts are breathable, wicking sweat and providing an equilibrium of warm and cool air. The polo shirts are breathable which means you can work comfortably. If you’re comfortable, you’re more likely to work efficiently than you would if you were in any discomfort. As well as this, the material of our safety polo shirts is quick drying, again, this is to ensure that you’re comfortable.

Lightweight Polo Shirts Orange

To suit any industry, the Hi Vis polo shirts are lightweight. They allow you to move with ease and are practical for countless tasks. Rather than feeling restricted and limited to small movements, PPG’s Hi Vis polo shirts provide you with added flexibility.

When you work indoors or in warm conditions, you’ll benefit from one of our safety polo shirts. Not only will you feel cooler, you’ll be able to customise your polo shirt to incorporate your company logo or a name, for this you’ll need our embroidery services!

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