Eye Protection

PPE Eye Protection By PPG Workwear 

Thousands of accidents involving eyes occur at work every single year. Although some of these incidents are minor and short-term. Some others (around 10-20%) result in partial or full blindness. Which of course is unacceptable in todays workplace.

 Employers are expected to provide their employees with suitable personal protective equipment. This is to reduce and elevate the risk of injury. In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/425. All PPE must be tested and marked to prove that it can meet the relevant protective standards.

Testing Protective Eyewear 

Protective eyewear is tested to meet a specific set of standards and is marked according to its protective ability. Although there are many standards for safety eyewear dependent on its purpose. All eyewear intended for use in the workplace must meet a core European standard: EN 166:2001.

All our Portwest Safety Protective eyewear protection glasses conform to the EN 166 standard at PPG Workwear 

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