Head Protection

Personal Protection Equipment- Head Protection 

  • Personal Protection Equipment Regulations (2002) – According to these regulations. Employers must provide workers with all necessary PPE equipment free of charge. Furthermore  ensuring that it is properly stored, maintained and fit for purpose. Employees must also be trained on how to use equipment such as hard hats properly. To always ensure they’re used as effectively as possible.

Head Protection Standards 


  • – EN 397 – This is a European standard which specifies the requirements which need to be met for safety hats to be recognised as fit for purpose. It requires that all helmets should include vertical shock absorption, penetration resistance, flame resistance, and have a chin strap attachment that releases at a maximum of 250 N of force.

All the bump hats and hard hats at PPG Workwear meet the required standards so you can rest assured that we have you covered 

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