Hoggs Safety Boots

With a wide selection of Hoggs safety boots. You can guarantee that PPG Workwear will supply you with exactly what you need to keep your feet warm and dry throughout the winter months! Our Hoggs work boots are available in a variety of colours. Thus ensuring you choose a pair that suits the rest of your workwear seamlessly.

At PPG Workwear, we supply the Hoggs work boots to provide you with additional comfort and stability. The Hoggs of Fife boots are manufactured from the highest quality materials. So you needn’t worry about them keeping your feet safe!

Hoggs Safety Work Boots 

The Hoggs safety boots are luxurious work boots that are renowned for their sturdy grip and ability to breathe. Our Hoggs Of Fife safety boots have a steel toecap too which makes them especially hard-wearing and practical. We supply the Hoggs steel toe cap boots in lace-up variations and also slip ons- it’s about choosing the most convenient one for you.

We supply the Hoggs safety boots to suit your specific needs, so if you’re looking for a particular size, colour or style, you can bet we supply it.

Don’t hesitate to choose a pair of Hoggs steel toe cap boots from our collection, here at PPG Workwear. We sell a large selection of safety boots 

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