Elka Securetech Multinorm

Elka Securetech Multinorm

When it comes to finding suitable clothing for offshore, you need an Elka waterproof! Within our offshore workwear, you’ll find a range of offshore winter jackets and bib/braces, which provide you with a practical solution. Our products are available in an array of sizes ranging from S to 3XL.

Elka Securetech offshore workwear

The waterproof clothing we have in stock makes ideal offshore workwear- keeping you warm and dry. An Elka bib and brace ensures that you’re comfortable and able to work with ease. In addition to this, we also supply the Elka waterproof clothing to improve work efficiency because usually, if you feel comfortable, you’re likely to work more effectively!

The range of Elka waterproof trousers is extensive at PPG Workwear, we provide something for everyone. Our offshore workwear is designed to be hardwearing and to be visible during periods of darkness, hence why it’s available in fluorescent orange or yellow. 

Elka Multinorm

The Hi-Vis Elka bib and brace is designed with your needs in mind, it combines style with quality to make sure that your safety is never compromised when you’re offshore. Choose an Elka waterproof if you’re looking for high tear strength and elasticity.

Check out the extensive range of Elka offshore workwear below!

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