Polka Dot Gloves

Polka dot gloves are available from PPG Workwear in sizes S to 2XL, you’re bound to find something suitable from our extensive collection.

The polka dot gloves we have in stock are available in red or blue and are designed to provide you with stylish PPE that doesn’t compromise your safety or the safety of others in the workplace. Our polka dot gloves are manufactured to offer comfort for an array of needs, enabling you to work effectively.

PPG supply the red polka dot gloves to offer exceptional heat resistance and to conform to EN standards (as do any of our other polka dot gloves!)

Our Portwest Fortis polka glove is ideal for dry conditions, it’s designed to be lightweight and to provide a practical solution for various indoor and outdoor applications. When it comes to the design of the Portwest Fortis polka glove, you can rest assured that it’s suitable for the most diverse demands, and adopts a rugged look and feel to provide optimal protection.

For PPE hand protection, you’ll want to check out the Portwest Fortis polka dot glove, it’s durable which makes it ideal for tough handling.

Make the most of our handy polka dot gloves today!

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