PVC Gloves

When it comes to finding PVC work gloves, you needn’t look any further than PPG Workwear! We have an abundance of PVC gloves for you to choose from, so don’t hesitate to browse our collection below!

Whether you’re looking for red PVC gloves, blue gloves or orange gloves, you’re in capable hands, here at PPG! We provide the PVC gloves in an assortment of colours to not only suit your stylish needs but to supply suitable PPE for an array of business needs.

Some of the PVC work gloves are designed for light applications, whereas others are more suited to heavy duty applications, however, they’re all fully coated and resist various materials and impacts.

The red PVC gloves are available ideal for industries looking to improve their performance without compromising safety. Here at PPG, we also supply the red PVC gloves to provide comfort for workers too, ensuring that they can work comfortably and needn’t worry about their hands being protected.

Within our collection of PVC work gloves, there are gloves which have a knitted wrist. These gloves are designed to provide a secure grip and a comfortable fit! You’ll find these available in sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large- be sure to choose a pair that fits!

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