Thermal Gloves

When it comes to finding the most suitable thermal gloves, look no further than PPG Workwear. The thermal work gloves we provide are suitable for the winter months, especially those who work outdoors.

Our thermal grip gloves are available in a selection of colours so you needn’t worry about finding something that matches your style requirements. Our safety gloves are designed to be stretchy, ensuring that they fit comfortably.

PPG provides thermal gloves which are lined, enabling you to feel a sense of warmth and comfort when carrying heavy materials and potentially hazardous equipment. If you work in conditions that are extreme, you could benefit from the thermal work gloves we have in stock.

For thermal grip gloves, warmth and comfort are combined along with the ability to keep dry- the thermal grip gloves are manufactured to be waterproof and to offer a secure fit. The thermal gloves we supply have a tough coating to offer maximum protection and suitability for heavy duty applications, this includes construction and warehouse work, as well as those who are required to use a cold room or freezer.

We have a wide range of thermal gloves available, each accommodating various sizes and requirements.

Make sure you check out our extensive selection of thermal work gloves today!

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