Click Work Trousers

PPG Workwear has an abundance of knowledge and skill when it comes to work trousers. Our range of work trousers includes to Click work trousers. These are suitable for trades that require the most incremental degree of safety.

Click workwear trousers are especially hard-wearing, they have a robust design which makes them appropriate for various applications. When working in a potentially dangerous environment, it’s essential that you wear the right clothing, this includes safety trousers.

Work Trousers 

These trousers have knee pad patches to make your working day more bearable. The padded knee trousers enable you to kneel down for longer without suffering aches and pains. All of the Click trousers we provide, here at PPG, are high-quality and are made to last.

A pair of Click work trousers could benefit you in more ways than you think, you can look and feel practical, as well as generate excellent value for money. The products we supply are tailored to suit the needs of various industrial workers, we offer tall and regular fits and a range of waist sizes.

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